JFileChecker is a Java application that can be used to check delimited or fixed width data files to ensure they contain properly formatted data. You can customize as many data file "profiles" as you want, and data files can be filtered through the JFileChecker application using the appropriate profile. Bad records are listed in an output file for your post-run analysis.

How does it work?

A data file profile is customized to describe both the expected overall data file structure, as well as the expected format of each column of data within a data file. Customizing the overall data file structure includes providing information such as:

Customizing the expected format of each column of data includes providing information for each column such as:

The custom data file profile information is stored in a database so that it can be accessed again and again. (Note: you can use any database you feel comfortable using, as long as it can connect to a java application. More about this is given in the technical info section). Running JFileChecker on a data file using a specified data file profile will result in a "result" file being created detailing any bad data found in the data file. A small sample result file can be seen here.

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