Comment,Name,Salary,Date of Hire,Active
2: Valid Record,Frank Smith,30000,1/1/2002,true
3: Valid Record,David Jones,12345.67,01/01/2002,true
4: Valid Record,John Williams,56000,02/28/1999,false
5: Valid Record,Daniel Adams,012345.67,04/21/1975,true
6: Valid Record,Judy Baxter,10000,5/7/2001,true
7: Valid Record,Susan Thomas,20000.,06/8/2000,false
8: Valid Record,Anna Gregory,30000,07/13/2002,TRUE
9: Valid Record,Kevin Hill,40000.4,01/14/1998,true
10: Valid Record,Ryan Harrison,45555,03/14/1980,true
11: Valid Record,Monique Taylor,50000.5,11/11/1990,FALSE
12: Valid Record,Tim O'Leary,60000,12/14/1984,true
13: Valid Record,Barbara Jones-Smith,77777.77,9/5/1995,true
14: Valid Record ,Judy Adams,,,true
15: Name too short,T,333333,2/2/2002,true
16: Name too long,TheNameOfAPersonThatIsOneCharacterTooLong,444.44,3/4/2000,false
17: Name contains invalid character (zero),John D0e,3333.33,2/6/1990,true
18: Name not given,,3333.33,4/5/1998,true
19: Salary too small,Frank Williams,-3000,3/4/1950,false
20: Salary contains too many decimals,David Adams,2222.1234,5/30/1978,false
21: Salary not a number,John Baxter,44$37^9,3/2/2000,true
22: Salary missing (constraint violation),John Baxter,,3/2/2000,true
23: Date or Hire too small,Daniel Thomas,33333,1/1/1940,false
24: Date or Hire not given (constraint violation),Judy Gregory,44444,,true
25: Date or Hire not a date,Susan Hill,55555,notADate,true
26: Date or Hire not in proper format,Anna Harrison,66666,1980-01-01,true
27: Date or Hire not in proper format,Kevin Taylor,77777,31/12/2001,true
28: Date or Hire not in proper format,Ryan O'Leary,88888,01-01-2000,true
29: Active not given,Monique Jones-Smith,99999,3/4/2005,
30: Active not a valid entry,Tim Smith,11111,6/18/1996,f4lse
31: Active missing with no comma, Thomas Williams, 33333, 6/23/1998
32: All but comment missing with no commas